Recycling Collaborations

Offcut Studio began as Cushn Company and a desire to become a zero to landfill fashion studio. Combining our work, and love of design, with a consciousness of the human impact on the planet; we turned to the cushion as a way to reduce our waste.

From the inside out our cushions are made with pre- loved, recycled and sustainably sourced fabrics. All our own fabric waste goes into the shredding process, this is combined with sustainably sourced wool fibres to create a super comfy cushion that gives a quality comparable to feathers, without harm to animals.

Keen to share the opportunity of having a zero to landfill business, we are currently approaching other textile based studios to spark collaborations. Designers can collaborate with Cushn Company by using their waste fabrics to build the filling of our cushion pads and use end of roll fabrics to make limited runs of cover designs.

Each final product will inevitably have its own individual story of where it has originated from, be it the most talked about collection at Fashion Week, the latest west end show or an independent children's clothing range.


Recycling partners

Recycle with us

If you are interested in being involved and would like us to recycle your offcuts, scraps, samples, toiles, backdrops or other textiles waste, please registered you interest by clicking the link above. Leave your contact details and fill out a quick survey regarding your specific recycling needs.

Our recycling efforts concentrate on pre consumer textiles waste and other fabrics waste from the creative industries. We do not recycle clothing, unless it has intellectual property, or similar qualities that preventing it from being reused.