Recycled/upcycled inside and out  |   Hand crafted in London |  Numbered with limited edition  |  5% Charity donation


I handmade this unique range of cushion covers in my creative workshop on Columbia Road flower market. They are up cycled from a high quality soft wool from a high fashion design studio in North London and felt is recycled from a London custom designer. Many items are limited edition of just one, because each design is created from the offcuts available from our recycling partners. The front and back are super soft to touch and are fully lined with 100% natural cotton, for a high quality feel and finish. None of this looks great at the front, but cheap and nasty on then back. The zip on the back is invisible and subtle concealed with an embroidered zip cover. 


All our products have little to zero waste and are handmade in our studio in East London that is working towards a zero carbon foot print. If you’re in the Eastend, please come and visit our open studio on a Sunday and see new designs being created every week.  We pay living wages and feel sick at the thought of sweat shops. We believe that giving unwanted fabrics a new lease of life is better for the environment and stops textiles going to landfill. 


5% donation. 100% sustainable, recycled and reclaimed.


Cushn Company donates 5% cushion cover price, to good causes. Currently we support the Wikipedia Foundations and Wylye Valley Disabled Children's Riding Charity.


Size 50cm x 50cm (appox 20 inch sq)

Made from recycled and responsibly sourced materials.
Colour: Orange, Ginger, Green
Size: 50cm by 50cm
Content: Wool
Lining:  natural fibres.
Care: Hand wash or machine wash delicate on cool temperature. Dry flat

Cover £68 & Pad £35 sold separately

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Cushion Pads

Our luxury cushion pads are hand made in London from recycled and responsibly sourced materials. We recycled textiles waste to make a super soft pad filling comparable to goose down. These huggable pads are a great alternative to feathers and a lot more bird friendly. All cushion pads are filled with 100% recycled mixed natural and man-made fibres; sourced from the fashion and costume industries waste products, and snapped up by us to prevent them ending up in landfill. 

Pad covers are 100% natural organic cotton fibre. Machine washable at 30’c. Tumble dry completely.

Orange Felt, Green Check Wool 50cm Cushion Cover

  • Made from recycled and responsibly sourced materials.

    Colour: Grey Orange

    Content: 100% wool.

    Lining: 100% natural fibres.

    Care: Hand wash or machine wash delicate on cool temperature. Dry flat

  • Add a 50cm cushion pad at the discounted price of £25, when bought with cover.


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    Cover £68 & Pad £35 sold separately